Casa Dolce Mykonos

He managed the impossible: to turn everything into… ice cream! And when we thought we had tried everything, once again Nikos Koukiasas, behind the lab of the popular gelateria Casa Dolce, is ready to accept the next challenge…

Casa Dolce Mykonos

chef: Nikos koukiasas

With unrestrained imagination, knowledge and expertise he creates the most… courageous combinations! From truffle, wasabi and ginger to… flavor matcha tea, cereal bar and … popcorn (!), they make us forget what we knew about ice cream! Next to the “classic” flavors, there pose… vegetables, local cheeses, fruits, and even… favorite cocktails based on fresh Mykonian milk and quality raw materials transformed into frozen temptations! Indeed, many of the eccentric recipes occupy a prominent place in the dishes of famous chefs on the island! Tip: Gluten free and vegan suggestions offer enjoyment without… guilt!


• Black vanilla

• Red velvet ice cream

• Cereal bar

• Matcha Tea

info: Evagelistraki, Τ. 22891 10714,


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