Eva grypari mykonos

Βy Titi Velopoulou Photos by Κοstas Kapareliotis

Her penetrating look grips you… You feel as if she is reading you… as if she is looking inside your soul… I met her at Galleraki! There I saw her work for the first time! I asked Damianos about it. “It is my daughter’s,” he answered. They mostly picture female presences… in several emotional states… Soon I learned it is HER emotional states…. Eva Grypari has been painting since she can remember herself… At the age of three she was captivated by mythical creatures and their adventures!

She studied and got liberated… After 23 it was like her Gates of Inspiration had opened. So today I’m standing in admiration before a young artist with natural talent and a special way to express, through a gripping realism, the different emotional worlds of female existence… Pain, fear, frustration, strength… rebirth, intense mood swings through forms that induce into the viewer a fluctuation of joy and at the same time grief! The way she experiences life herself…

Don’t miss: Works of the artist, entitled “Fragments of Thought” will be housed in “Syrioti Hall”, a branch of the Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos, September 1-11!

info: Facebook: Eύα Γρυπάρη (Eva Grypari) insta: eva_grypari


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