By Τiti Velopoulou Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

It makes shopping joyful!

With live DJ sets and giant TV screens set on Fashion TV, Flora have changed what we knew about classic super markets…

Had you ever imagined that you could watch fashion shows in giant TV screens while you choose cheeses and cold cuts of your liking? What other supermarket has a DJ who makes the customers dance with his music choices while they shop? We are talking about the Mykonian chain Flora Super Markets which with its total renovation, 3 years ago, became the talk of the… island for its inventiveness and uniqueness!

Flora super market

So, besides the high quality of products, it also stands out for its ultra modern space by architect Nikos Koukourakis who embedded in the design motifs that remind us of old grocery stores. Besides, the goal of the Kontaratos family who is in the alimentary business since 1970, is to gradually transform this boring -for many- visit to a supermarket to a fun every day activity! Αs far as the exclusive wines and spirits section concerns, hosts one of the most completed and updated collection of rare wines, premium spirits and collectible champagnes of extraordinary value.

Flora super market

Daily & Sat. 09:00-21:00, Sun. 10:00-14:00

info: Airport Area, Τ. 22890 22275, There are also branches in Ano Mera and Vothonas,


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