Harry jwls

Jewels for Personalities

He is characterized by a primitive design skill and a result of raw elegance… One of the most subversive and avant-garde designers, Harry Mestros creates handmade one of a kind jewels that border on being… small works of art! Inspired this year by Greek mythology and the Renaissance, he presents Land of the Gods and Kings & Queens collections, working mostly through concepts and mythical symbols… Energy minerals, semiprecious and precious stones, silver and gold, find their ideal expression through exclusive collections, and also through custom made eccentric creations, each of which radiates a unique energy and has… “magical” properties for the person who wears it! Open every day 10:00-02:00.

Harry jwls

His landmark is the classic collection Skulls!

info: 1 Aghiou Gerasimou Str.& 28, Fl. Zouganeli str., (Ano Matogianni),  Chora, Τ. 22890 78515, facebook: HARRY JWLS 


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