Ioannis Revythis real estate

Photos: Κostas Kapareliotis

The success story!

The real estate investment specialist on the island of Mykonos opens up!

Your office is a brand name in the real estate sector. What is it that has led you to the top?

The fact that within 30 years of continuous presence in real estate field and the real estate market all over Greece, we have gained the trust and respect of the investors of the country.

Why should an investor contact Mykonos Real Estate?

Because most customers look for privacy, promptitude, professionalism and efficiency!

Where was the investors’ interest focused this year?

In the market of shops, business premises and hotels.

What are the nationalities of buyers?

Europeans but this year we had also some demand from Greek companies, which is expected to grow next year.

A new trend in real estate is recorded regarding the map of Mykonos …

The following phenomenon is observed: Due to the growing interest of investors, unfortunately the number of people who pretend to be professional real estate agents and concierge is also growing, resulting in confusion in the real estate prices.

What kind of business advice do you give your sons, Akis and Alexander?

Become better than me and remain trustworthy and honest.

info:, T. 2289026066, [email protected],, T. 210 8135181, [email protected],, [email protected]


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