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Is there really affordable luxury in Mykonos? The destination manager of Lamda destinations Maria Mitakidis answers…

Collect moments … not things … is your motto! What is that you propose your customers “collect” from Mykonos?

They truly say that the journey is what counts, not the destination. My suggestion is to get out of their everyday life, take off their watches and if possible shut down their laptops and cell phones. Live every moment of your holiday, enjoy a dinner or a sunset and soak up every moment!

What is the competitive advantage of lamda destinations?

It was created by lovers of tourism. We are not a real estate agency, we do not just rent… We want to be the host of every client. We are there to solve their every question, to ease every situation and to provide suggestions.

What distinguishes the villas, suites and houses you represent?

They are the affordable side of Mykonos without being deprived of beauty, architecture or luxury. What we want for our departing customers is to feel that they have acquired a holiday home on the island with hospitable hosts.

What is your non-negotiable value for the choice of accommodation?

The high standards and cleanliness.

Are there really value for money villas in Mykonos?

It depends on the way everyone has the word villa in mind. If this means elegance, luxury, privacy, of course there are.

How important is after sales for you?

As important selling and servicing over time may be, equally important is our subsequent communication and feedback.

In what other areas do you operate?

Selectively in some areas of Greece, such as Sandy Villas in Chania, the Healing and Retreat Cottage “Marema” in Koroni. And since February 2018 also in Cuba!

What is your relationship with tourism?

It is a relationship of love… I have been working with tourism for 25 years. Over this period I have worked as a tour guide and a group escort, a receptionist, a sales specialist and a hotel manager. I respect tourists, protect my clients and I love my job.

info: Ag. Lazaros, M: +30 6940966687, [email protected],


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