Mykonos Dove

The Greek myths tell us that Anios, king of Delos, apart from having three sons, also had three daughters, Spermo, Oino and Elais, who represented the earth products that were essential for ancient Greeks’ nutrition, namely wheat, wine and olive oil.

Mykonos dove

When Achaeans abducted them, god Dionysus turned them into doves so that they could escape. Since then it is forbidden to kill doves on the island… As if taken out from a myth, Mykonos Dove Beachfront Hotel with design inspired by the Mykonian dovecotes, it seems like a white dove on the Platis Gialos beach… Completing its total refurbishment this year, it is distinguished for its ultra chic spaces and its 23 suites of minimal aesthetics (47-132 sq.m.) equipped with all the high end amenities.

Mykonos Dove


27 rooms in total

Anios al fresco restaurant

swimming pool

beach cocktail bar


fitness classes

water sports



Top: The 8 beachfront suites with infinity private pools, in harmony with the all-blue sea

New: The brand new boutique Beach Bum with chic resort wear and accessories by Greek designers!

info:  Mykonos Dove Beachfront Hotel, Platis Gialos, T. +30 22890 22118,[email protected]


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