Mykonos Medical

By Titi Velopoulou, Thodoris Roussis Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou

Οur First Aid Guide

Its small geographical size and its distance from the mainland pose an additional difficulty in dealing with health incidents, whether these are emergencies or chronic conditions. That’s why it’s a good idea to know where to go in case you need medical help.

Private Polyclinic

In a modern space in Argirena, with excellent laboratories, state-of-the-art medical equipment and all the specifications of a modern polyclinic is characterized by credibility as well as personal and direct contact with each patient. Certified with ISO 9001/2015, it conforms to the highest international standards while its scientific team consists of a group of doctors who, in spite of their young age, have great experience and are ready to cope with urgent cases.

Soon, new departments and specialties will be added to the developing department of the Polyclinic.Mon-Sat. 08:00-20:00. Sundays only emergencies.


Departments: Gynecology-obstetrics, endocrinology, microbiology-haematology, sonography/doppler, general medicine & emergencies

The center has also a sexually transmitted disease department (diagnosis, observation, consulting)

24 hour service for emergencies

House calls

Immediate results to blood tests

Patient’s medical record barcode

Cooperation with most insurance companies

Cooperation with Public Health Center and doctors of other specialties on the island

Easy access / Spacious parking

info: Argirena, Τ. +30 22890 77700, +30 22890 28353,, [email protected]  

Mykonos Trauma Care

Treatment of orthopedic diseases and emergencies, while the specialties of Sports Orthopedics, Radiology and Nutrition are also covered.

info: Argirena, Τ. 22890 78549, Μ. 6975 980313 


24-hour emergency call

Radiology Department for immediate trauma diagnosis

Intubation facility

Cooperation with experienced physiotherapists for rehabilitation treatments

Pain relief center

Medical Report for each patient


Languages: Greek, English, German, Spanish

Credit cards accepted

Mykonos Vet

Veterinary Center

A perfectly equipped space with modern equipment, operating room, a pharmacy as well as grooming services. Daily 10:00-14:00 & 17:30-20:30.

info: Klouvas area, Τ. 22890 27549, M. 6932 470099 

Mykonos Medical

Mykonos Medical

Τhe medical team with Medical Laboratories Technologists Maria Melisari, Konstantina Kourea & Valentini Pouliaki and Cleaning Manager Stiliani Delitzaki. Supervisor Paschalia Tziova was absent from the photoshooting.


MYCONOS MEDICAL develops, now with a new branch in Chora Mykonou, in order to assist medically and socially the traditional settlement of Chora, which has been deprived of a medical center for many years.

Our branch in Chora comes firstly to cover the medical needs of permanent residents and also to attend on the constantly rising number of tourists on the island.

Our goal is to make everybody in Chora, whether working, vacating or living there, feel safe as far health, the most important good, is concerned.


Mykonos Medical

Τhe medical team with Medical Laboratories Technologists Maria Melisari, Konstantina Kourea & Valentini Pouliaki and Cleaning Manager Stiliani Delitzaki. Supervisor Paschalia Tziova was absent from the photoshooting.

Jandark Ghorashi

Mykonos Medical

Jandark (Anna) Ghorashi is an obstetrician-gynecologist with a long experience since 1997 in both public and private sectors. During her successful career she also has performed many successful obstetrician and gynecologist surgeries in Tehran, New York and Greece.

Ioannis Stefanakos

Mykonos Medical

Ioannis Stefanakos graduated from Athens Medical School and did his specialty in general medicine after training at Syros General Hospital and Thessaloniki Papanikolaou Hospital. He has been an assistant in trauma surgery for 6 years at the 4th University Surgery Clinic in Athens at Nikea General State Hospital as well as head of the emergencies in Mykonos Health Center.

Anastasios Georgoulios

Mykonos Medical

After finishing his studies in Medical School, Anastasios Georgoulios did his specialty as a microbiologist at the Athens Limodon Hospital (Hospital for Infectious Diseases). He’s also had a remarkable post-graduate education, he’s participated in many seminars and conventions (in both Greece and abroad) and he’s also done remarkable research on STDs (sexual transmitted diseases) on the island and on the HIV virus. His voluntary service in countries suffering by malaria has also provided him a long experience.

Stavros Papavergis

Mykonos Medical

After graduating from Medical School from the University of Athens, he received his specialty in Endocrinology-Diabetology, he was also trained in the Reggio Emilia Hospital in Italy on the thyroid ultrasound and in thyroid nodule puncture with a narrow needle, under ultrasound observation. Since 1997 he has a private office in Rhodes and since 2009 in Syros.

Nikolaos Menis

Mykonos Medical

His long experience in large public and private institutions and diagnostic centers and his constant specialization on the modern diagnostic protocols are his assets to provide trustworthy medical services. He also participated in several missions of the Doctors of the Aegean in the framework of voluntary service. Two Fridays of each month he will be examining patients also in Naxos.

Mykonos Medical


Georgoulios Anastasios, microbiologist (M. +30 6974 425337,

Ghorashi Jandark, gynecologist (Μ. +30 6981 125811,

Menis Nikolaos, radiologist (Μ. +30 6937 416859,

Stefanakos Ioannis, general practitioner (Μ. +30 6934 187198)

Stavros Papavergis, endocrinologist, diabetologist (Μ. +30 6972 427131)


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