Ostria boutique

Although it first introduced itself as a boutique exclusively for men, this year it opened a women’s department! A must address for those who wish to stand out with a flawless, casual chic, street look.

Ostria Boutique

Alongside chosen fashion forward brands from Greece, France, Spain, England and Italy, you can find the limited edition collection of Greek fashion designer Gal Me!

Ostria Boutique

Handmade jewelry and sunglasses complete the look! Open every day 10:00-02:00.

Ostria Boutique

info: 1 Emmanouil Fameli Str., Chora, Τ. 22890 24025, facebook: Ostria boutique insta: Ostria boutique

“It’s not about brand, it’s about style” is the motto that expresses Dimitris Antikatsidis’ philosophy and answers the question why Ostria Boutique gains more fans every year!

Ostria boutique

Dimitris Antikatzidis

photos: Eleanna Kourkoupoulou

By which criteria do you select the clothes and accessories that fashionistas discover in Ostria?

My rule is a value for money philosophy. I want everyone who comes here to discover high quality and stylish creations and accessories in economical prices. So the motto that expresses me is “It’s not about brand, it’s about style”.

What is the “strongest card” of Ostria Boutique?

The fact that every year we launch first pieces that later on become absolute fashion trends, such as, this year, the Brave Soul t-shirts from London, that are selling out fast!

You already count 13 years of presence in the island. How do you imagine Ostria in 5 years from now?

You’ll probably see one more in Mykonos or in another island, or maybe, why not, in a city like Athens or Thessaloniki!

Something that should not be missing from our wardrobe?

Rip jeans with fringes.

info: 1 Emmanouil Fameli STR, Chora, Τ. 22890 24025, facebook: Ostria boutique, insta: Ostria boutique


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