Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard super premium luxury vodka is made from the rare Spelt grain, which is considered as the ancestor of all grains. The result…? Scent of flowers and star anise, peppery notes of spices and walnut, a creamy vanilla taste, rich aroma and a clear and smooth finish. Snow Leopard is produced in a small distillery in Polmos Lublin, Poland, for a century now, while it is being distilled 6 times before it gets bottled in its premium glass bottle!

Snow Leopard suggests 3 popular hangouts of the island for delightful snow leopard cocktails!

Aperanto Galazio

Aperanto Galazio

You can lounge from early in the morning at the beach until late at night around the bar, in a cool, renewed and super summery environment, listening to chill out music and, of course, enjoying Snow Leopard!

info: Cuisine bar, Ornos Beach, Τ. 22890 27991,, facebook: Aperanto Galazio



In one of the most classic hangouts of the island, you will enjoy yourself from early in the evening till early… next morning, in a casual atmosphere, at the hottest promenade of Chora, with Snow Leopard on the rocks or in a signature cocktail!

info: Matogianni, Τ. 22890 23022, facebook: cosi Cafe- Bar


Jackie O' beach

“From sunset to sunrise…” in the unique Jackie O for Snow Leopard cocktails with the unpretentious sexy attitude, the panoramic view, the breezy atmosphere, the friendly aura and of course Snow Leopard cocktails…

info: Plintri, Τ. 22890 77298,, facebook: Jackie O’ Mykonos



The new hot arrival in Little Venice “promises” to change your nights… Cozy environment, socializing atmosphere, magnificent view and, of course, Snow Leopard!

info: Little Venice, Τ. 2289 026551, facebook: NegritaBarMykonos



Aperanto Galazio

by Aperanto Galazio

40ml vodka  Snow Leopard

20ml mastiha

60ml sweet & sour

4-5 mint leaves

50ml strawberry purée 

We shake well in a Boston shaker all ingredients except from the strawberry purée. We transfer them in a balloon glass and we add the strawberry purée. We garnish with fresh strawberry and spearmint.  



By Cosi

45ml Snow Leopard

10ml peach juice

10ml ginger syrup

10ml fresh lime juice

10ml archers

Place all your ingredients at the boston shaker and mix them together. Add ice and serve in a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of fresh peach.


Conservation Martini

by Jackie O’ Beach

75ml Snow Leopard vodka

5ml Dry Vermouth

In a mixing glass filled with ice, mix the Snow Leopard with Dry Vermouth. Strain the content and pour in an ice-cold Martini glass. Garnish with rosemary branch.


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