Elysium mykonos

By Titi Velopoulou Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou & Larry

With open minded philosophy and refined taste, a feature which the gay crowd identifies itself with, and the glittering sparkle of a restless Drama Queen, Elysium is a myth in itself!


Hostess Della

By Titi Velopoulou Photos: Eleanna Kourkoulopoulou & Larry

It was the year 1989 when Vasilis Chouliaras decided to open up the first gay-only hotel! At a time when all talked about “gayfriendly” stores in Mykonos, he introduced his hotel as “straight friendly” making it one of the most popular places to be! With gay owned and run philosophy, a refreshed group with a scent… of Greece and the most impressive drag queens who give recitals every night at the unique Sunset Cabaret on the island, has acquired its own loyal audience!

Destination hotel

What is a gay couple looking for from their hotel? With the philosophy “welcome our guests, no clients…”, Elysium knows authentic hospitality and discretion! As for its 42 minimal aesthetic total white rooms, it features high aesthetics, design furniture, artwork and high end amenities!

Εlite Crowd

Elysium mykonos

Whether its business executives, renowned doctors and celebrities of the star system or Arab princes, flocks of prime tourists arrive from all the lengths and widths of the planet to enjoy their love far away from prying eyes and the prejudice of straights. Jodie Foster, Ferré, Valentino, Gaultier, the Dsquared2, Macdonald, Mugler, tycoons, stars, even princes, are only few of the celebrities that have checked in to its elegant suites.

Elysium mykonos

The one and only Vassilis Chouliaras


Elysium mykonos

A day at the Elysium starts early with a high energy breakfast and panoramic views of Chora… while guests are already dreaming of relaxing moments next to the lovely swimming pool that looks like an oasis… The futuristic total white furnishings in ultra modern style give the feeling of white pebbles as reflected on the water… Here it will become the ultimate place to be for sunbathing, relaxing in the hot tub, massaging and also flirting under the hot sun! 08:00-11:00 GOODMORNING


Elysium mykonos

In one of the most privileged … balconies of Chora overlooking the Windmills and the endless Aegean Sea, and with the atmosphere, painted in the red shades of sunset, the Gaia restaurant in a romantic setting is suitable for a delicious dinner until the show begins… Next to the talented chef Mario Glyca this year we also meet Tzortzis Papanikolaou from Master Chef in a menu ode to Mediterranean cuisine with à la minute dishes and special recipes with pure flavors based on local raw materials!18:00-20:00 Early dinner

Sunset cabarett

Elysium mykonos

And the show begins … Based on foreign standards, Sunset Cabaret is now a norm. All-new fantastic costumes, arty performances, lighting, ecstatic choreographies by Athanasios Pisanidis, make up a spectacular show that knows no gender … This year with a renewed… cast of professional drag queens! Next to the all-loved Italian Gloria Darling and the re-emerging Belgian Sederginne, for the first time the Greek drag queen Devi Dharma (from Greece You Have Talent). Every night they transform themselves into well-known heroines, imitate film protagonists, dance like Hollywood stars, sing famous songs… in the rhythms of Dj Kappa Nee and offer us a unique spectacle! With them well-trained dancers (Athanasios Pisanidis, Billy Mesiniadis & Kostas Papadopoulos), that catch the eye with their synchronism and their technical excellence!

Explosive is this year’s presence of Calen David Tomaszewski with the pen name “Epiphany Get Paid,” one of the 3 drag queens in the world who to sing live! In addition to her dazzling appearances, she engages in provocative teasing and kinky comments and breaks the ice with the uninitiated audience… Surprise in the end, her revealing role which causes admiration in male and female audiences! 21:00-23:30

A short break and those who want can go back to the lobby to look at the new age jewelry of Greek designers, to which Vassilis gives space to exhibit their creations…

At the same time back on the dance floor, Cuban Ingor entices attendants to dancing and jokes till the start of the second part of the show…

Elysium mykonos

That way, somehow closes a day at Elysium… With an uplifting mood, explosive eroticism and positive vibes that leave all the best memories!

info: Fine Arts School area, Τ. 22890 23952,

Elysium Hotel Mykonos, Reservation manager: Della, 69448484648 


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